B 1
After the success of The Galaxsea Bluberry, Galaxy designed a complete new, exclusive to Galaxy Baits, Flavour. This is a Maple based flavour with Banana, which has the aroma of Banoffee cheesecake. This amazing smelling bait also tastes utterly fantastic to the point of being moreish to us and this has the same effect on the carp. This bait also has a top class yeast added for palatability and mineral content making the bait pretty irresistible to carp. There are two seed extracts added for attraction and fatty acid content, to aid in protein absorption and of course our hugely acclaimed “Medi-Chlorian” designed by Galaxy Baits to aid in a long life for the carp and other species by improving their food absorption and providing the fish, with great food so that they feel great from within. On test, this bait achieved amazing results, both in UK and abroad with 40s and 50s captured due to the nutritional content contained. Available in 14mm-22mm, Various colours can be achieved, but does carry a levy on cost and deposits required.
If you like the sound of this bait, but feel the frostbite basemix is not for you during warmer months, look no further as we have designed a new basemix “The Specimen Birdfood Blend”, for this flavour (and others in future) to be applied. This other bait being called B2.