B 2

This is the new bait for 2015 also available on Galaxy’s Frostbite basemix. This mix has the inclusion of fishmeal and birdfood extracts that drive the carp crazy and also benefit the carp with nutrition second to none. The B2 flavouring is the In house designed and produced maple and banana giving an aroma of banoffee cheesecake. This bait is easily digested by the tract within the carp releasing just enough top quality fishmeal, that it can be emulsified and absorbed by the tract, therefore giving the carp a taster of their favourite food source but enough that frenzy feeding can prevail.
The B2 is not as tasty to us as the B1, as the fishmeal is quite present in flavour within . Natural sweetners have been added as we all know those carp have developed a sweet tooth over the years due to anglers loading sweet flavours into home made baits and some commercial companies too.
The B1 and B2 are an excellent choice for the angler too, just because they make the bivvy smell yummy and if the angler finds this irresistible, You do the maths.......!
The B1 and B2 have accounted for many English captures and endless results abroad on test throughout 2013 and 2014 so are now available to the public. Lake records achieved for both common and mirror on waters in france and some cracking carp from syndicates and day ticket fisheries here in our home Old Blighty !!!