GALAXSEA BLUBERRY is on a Frostbite basemix designed for the colder water in mind. It is packed with plant proteins, fatty acids and milk proteins. It has proved a real smasher in the 3 years it has been thoroughly tested, before being placed in production. This bait is nice and soft and breaks down fairly quickly. The results have been amazing with carp anglers clearing up on tough and pressured waters, in cold conditions. We have added birdfood for high leakage and a new seed added for its skin breaking quality to release the nature identical flavouring and the special, Galaxsea oil. This bait comes in a yellowy off white colour. These boilies smell like bluberry muffins, when bag is opened from frozen and smell more attractive once thawed. Its been brought to our attention that this bait works well all year and has no inclusion of any fishmeal or meat products, but is initially designed for the winter. Also contains Medi-Chlorian our health boosting additive.